New Fireworks for 2018

We carry all major brands of fireworks. We buy from China to pass the savings onto our customers! All of our fireworks are hand selected by our staff of professionals to ensure that you get the highest quality product for the best possible price.
Big Fireworks Black Diamond Boomer Brothers Dominator Megabanger World Class Black Cat

200 Gram Fountain

#8 Assorted Cone

Showers of silver sparks over 3 meters high
Sku: 1000904

It's a Boy

Blue fish fountain to reveal your new baby boy!
Sku: 1003120

It's a Girl

Pink fish fountain to reveal your new baby girl!
Sku: 1003121


Red fish, silver glitter, green fish silver glitter, blue fish silver glitter, pink fish silver glitter, red green blue and purple fish.
Sku: 1003119


A super intense neon pink color erupts with interlaced silver sparks.
Sku: 6950165413877

Tropical Fantasy

Over a minute in length, Tropical Fantasy has just about everything but the kitchen sink! Not only does it offer an eye catching unique shape, but the effects also set it apart from other fountains. Red, green and blue liquid burns (raindrops) followed by plum blossoms and chrysanthemums, orange stars and a beautiful finale of carbon showers
Sku: 1011383


An extraordinary 200g fountain with an abundance of color! Effects - 1,colour fish silver pine;2,red blue fish silver crackle;3,colour fish silver pine;4,yellow green purple fish silver crackle;5,colour fish silver pine;6,colour fish with silver crackle.
Sku: 1003115

200 Gram Repeaters

Grapes over Vineyard

25 shot Crackling dragon tail to multicolor
Sku: 1013167

Luna Chick

9 shot - Luna Chick is the perfect Show Starter for a red, white, and blue display. Don't let the small box fool you - this 200 gram firework has some solid break and the colors are as patriotic as apple pie.
Sku: 1013377

The Reveal

12 shot blue or pink to reveal your new baby!
Sku: 1030131

500 Gram Repeaters

Armed Forces

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
12 shot assorted.
Sku: 1003102

Beauty and the Beast

20 shot - Blue red mine to blue+red+green+white glitter;blue red mine to purple+green+sky blue+golden glitter;blue red mine to orange+purple+sky blue+green glitter; blue red mine to white glitter+red green fallen leaves+sliver spinner; blue red mine to brocade+green glitter, blue star+sliver fish+crackle.
Sku: 1003125

Reign Supreme

25 shot action packed cake with tons of glitter and colorful jellyfish!
Sku: 1030179

500 Gram Z Repeaters

Black Dynamite

150 shots of crackling comet tails with red, green, yellow and blue time rain make this cake a must-have. 75 shots at a more slower pace and a finale of 75 shots quickened.
Sku: 805253151590

Fame And Fortune

30 shot angle cake with jelly fish, comets, mines, and huge finish!
Sku: 1030183

Honor And Respect

24 shot - This show stopper 500g cake creates an astounding aerial act! Super vivid bright tips!
Sku: 1003105


180 shot – fast, staggered finale zipper cake! Sure to get the crowd on their feet at the end of your show!
Sku: 1015038

Artillery Shell

Home of the Brave

Per Package:
Packaging: 24 assorted shells
Each box contains 12 assorted shells.
Sku: 1003164

Whistling Jake

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 assorted shells
This 6 shot artillery shell assortment comes with a variety of shots that have different colors that combine with an intense whistling effect. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Sku: 1001416


Silver Salute Cracker

Per Package: 12
Packaging: 12 pack
12 single lite maximum load fire crackers!
Sku: 6950165403014


Fast Artillery Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 2 seconds/foot
Sku: china-3mm-2sec

Fast Cake Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 15 seconds/foot
Sku: china-3mm-15sec

Medium Artillery Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 5 seconds/foot
Sku: china-3mm-5sec

Perfect Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 10 seconds/foot
Sku: perfect-fuse-10sec

Premium Cannon Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 25 seconds/foot
Sku: china-3mm-25sec

Quick Fuse, 3mm

Packaging: 20 Feet
Burns approximately 1 second/foot
Sku: quick-fuse-1sec

Mortar Racks


Adult Snaps

Per Package: 30
Packaging: Pack of 20
Sku: 077-0100-30

Light Saber Fountain

Green/Red sword with multi colored fountain embedded in the tip
Sku: 847294090504


Wild Geese

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 pack
This rocket has high performance from the ground up to approximately 200 feet. At the apex the rocket bursts and produces a star effect designed to mimic the flight and sound of a flock of geese. Different colors and effects make this one of the finest performing and colorful generic rockets on the market.
Sku: 1001005

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.