200 Gram Repeaters

100 Shot Purple Saturn Missile Battery

100 Shot - Purple Saturn Missiles
Sku: 4134

100 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

100 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525301381

25 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

25 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525301382

300 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

300 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great basic item.
Sku: 80525313115

6 Assorted 16 Shot

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
This is a great assortment of six very solid performing cakes. Nice big breaks and a ton of different effects.
Sku: 80525313097

61 Shot Assorted Repeaters

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
61 Shot - 6 Assorted cakes - Premium quality multi-colored aerial repeater.
Sku: 711

A. I.

1. silver spinner tail to red/blue sparkler+white glitter; 2. silver spinner tail to purple/green sparkler+white glitter.
Sku: 10805253300108

Adults Only

Green tail to whistle, red tail to red star white glitter.
Sku: 805253133620

American Anthem

16 shot show starter!
Sku: 1080525330177


20 Shot - chicken blood red/lemon/skyblue+white glitter; pink/green+white glitter
Sku: 10805253300078

Bad Habit

25 Shot - Red green orange blue and purple.
Sku: 3876

Bad Influence

9 Shot - Super performer - Silver strobe mines to multi-colored strobes with crackling time rain.
Sku: 2010

Black Thunder

25 Shot - Peonies with alternating strobes of white and blue with a 10 shot finale.
Sku: 1696

Blue Angel

20 Shot - Mind blowing blue mines with blue time rain. Unique color and effect.
Sku: 1998


Blue tail to brocade blue star.
Sku: 805253133720

Bug Eyed

86 Shot. Red comet tail; golden glitter willow tail; whistle tail; green comet tail; red star; yellow star; chysanthemum
Sku: 805253134340


Sku: 10805253300030

Color Pearl Flowers - 48 shot

48 Shot - Multi-colored pearl flowers with report.
Sku: 751

Color Pearl Flowers - 96 shot

96 unique shots of bright and colorful pearls and stars.
Sku: JAK-80525301305

Death Dealer (7 Shot Assorted)

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
7 Shot - Assortment of four 200 gram repeaters.
Sku: 3830

Dirty Deed

7 Shot - Red tail to red wave with white strobe ending with red wave and crackle.
Sku: 3879


Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
7 Shot - 6 Assorted cake varieties; Whistles fish timed rain strobes with lots of color breaks.
Sku: 2309


Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
6 Shot - Hard hitting big breaks
Sku: 1908

Enter the Dragon

16 Shot - Orange and yellow palm with strobe to crackling flower. Great value!
Sku: 3895


Lemon tail brocade, Red tail Red/Blue/White glitter, yellow tail chry.
Sku: 805253133800


96 Shots - Fan Cake - This cake starts the show with shot after shot of color crackling mine ending with rows of them in a rapid fire with loud report
Sku: 3863

Fist of Fury

12 Shot - Green white and gold strobe.
Sku: 3880

Full Auto

200 Shot - Red green blue and gold crackling palm mines fill the view. Unique effect.
Sku: 780

Global Warning

Red Star with white glitter small chry.
Sku: 805253133750

Glory Days

10 shot cake
Sku: 805253133820


15 Shot - 1-6 dark red/skybluesparkler+ white glitter, purple/skybluesparkler+green glitter; 7-10 blue sparkler mine, blue sparkler mine pistil+silver fish mine, red glitter mine to red glitter+silver fish; 11-15 whistling tail to golden time rain.
Sku: 10805253300146

Grapes over Vineyard

25 shot Crackling dragon tail to multicolor
Sku: 1013167

Hot Dog

Brocade Crown mine, brocade crown
Sku: 805253134220

Jessie James

25 Shot - 5 Shots at a time with colored breaks and crackle.
Sku: 2533

Just Hanging

25 shot - Orange Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler.
Sku: 805253134180

Luna Chick

9 shot - Luna Chick is the perfect Show Starter for a red, white, and blue display. Don't let the small box fool you - this 200 gram firework has some solid break and the colors are as patriotic as apple pie.
Sku: 1013377

My Cousin Vinny

25 Shot - Silver tails to chrysanthemums with red green and gold pistils.
Sku: 1976

Neon Dragons

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
6 Shot - Super hard breaking massive neon shells.
Sku: 1972

Open Grave

16 Shot -Best possible traditional colors of red green yellow silver and gold.
Sku: 3861

Pretty In Pink

16 shot - pink with white strobe
Sku: 4125

Rebel Yell

12 Shot - Green with white strobe.
Sku: 3873

Road Rash

7 Shot - Alternating shots of orange with green strobe and red with silver strobe ending with orange and blue with crackling flower.
Sku: 3897

Road Trip

Crackling Mine, Silver Chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253135150

Shark Bate

9 Shot - Mini Cake - Red Tail to Gold Fish Green Tail to Silver Fish.
Sku: 1804

Sky High

25 Shot - Green/silver waves red/green brocade crown blue/gold willows green strobe and silver chrysanthemums ending with crackling tail. 5 Shot finale.
Sku: 2472

Smiling Face

Red Star with white glitter small chry.
Sku: 805253133760


9 Shot - Color peonies and crackle ends with 2 shots.
Sku: 2468

Tail Gator

Crackling tail to purple star and time rain; yellow star and time rain; then repeat
Sku: 80525313237

The Reveal

12 shot blue or pink to reveal your new baby!
Sku: 1030131

Think Twice

16 shot - Silver chrysanthemum mine to red, green, sky blue, lemon, purple, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum mine to red, green, skyblue, lemon, puple, white glitter to silver chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253134230


7 Shot - Red with white strobe.
Sku: 3872

Wild Thing

Per Package:
16 Shot - Effect:1.Crackling mine to red ball; 2. Crackling mine to green ball; 3. Crackling mine to white glitter comet; 4. Crackling mine to crackling comet
Sku: 4200

Zebra Kick

Zebra Kick is a unique 200g aerial firework that alternates colorful glitter breaks with red and blue mine effects. This firework finishes with colorful chrysanthemum breaks.
Sku: 1080525330175

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.