Finale Cakes - 3"

Battle Cry

9 shot shell burst silver glitter waterfall.
Sku: 805253153000


Brocade with red glitter, brocade with green glitter.
Sku: 1080525330188

Big Unit

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
This power packed duo will leave you Armed and Ready and Reeking Havoc. These 3 inch 500 gram cakes pack 9 shots each of rock hard breaks that will leave you gasping for air. Sure to be a crowd pleaser!. Your Choice
Sku: 805235061


12 shot containing a mixture of 2"" and 3"" Shells.
Sku: JAK-80525315277

Evil, Wicked, Mean, Nasty

9 shot - Blue/Red/Glitter Brocades and Blue/Red/Green/Orange Dahlia.
Sku: 805253152510

Fist Bump

9 shot finale cake with huge breaks!
Sku: 805253029070


A) White Glitter Sparkler, Red Sparkler. B) White Glitter Sparkler, Blue Sparkler.
Sku: 805253154010


This 3" 9 shot rack leaves you screaming for more, slam packed with big hard hitting breaks that are sure to impress. An excellent finale or show piece with alternating shots of green brocade's with glitter and crackle. 6 shots sequential with a slamming 3 shot finale.
Sku: 80525315160


Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
This 3 inch cake assortment comes with one piece of each product listed above. Packing Heat is a nine shot beauty that consist of multi-colored peonies backed by a beautiful silver wave. The two shot finale is sure to bring the audience to their feet. Taking Care of Business's performance consists of 9 shots of brocade crowns that finish with various colored tips, including; green, yellow, red, and blue. A massive 2 shot finale lets the spectators know the show is over. This mixed case definitely brings the POWER to the HOUSE!!! Your Choice.
Sku: 80525315062

Rolling Thunder

A straight 9 shots full of pure power, each shot goes over 200 feet in the sky and then breaks covering an area in sky well over 125 feet in diameter.
Sku: 80525315060

The Big Dog

Try this one and you will see why we call it the"BIG DOG". If you like blue, then this is the piece for you. Nine shots of awesome blue peonies filled with a white glittering pistil crackle in the middle. A fabulous two shot finale that will literally fill the sky for a country mile.
Sku: 80525315048

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