500 Gram Z Repeaters

750 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

750 shots of whistling rockets zoom into the sky, one right after another. Great long lasting item.
Sku: JAK-80525313222

America's Glory

38 shot angle cake with tons of comments, whistlers, mines and other effects.
Sku: 1030187

Beach Pride

Brocade crown comet, sea blue, green, purple stars, red white glitter with blue stars.
Sku: 805253154570

Black Dynamite

150 shots of crackling comet tails with red, green, yellow and blue time rain make this cake a must-have. 75 shots at a more slower pace and a finale of 75 shots quickened.
Sku: 805253151590

Epic Neon

220 Shot - Fast paced aerial with strobing fish to big breaks.
Sku: 3698

Fame And Fortune

30 shot angle cake with jelly fish, comets, mines, and huge finish!
Sku: 1030183


Crazy fast 156 shot repeater cake. Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153250

Home Team

47 shot - A) Silver Fish Mine, Red Dahlia Sparkler Mine, White Glitter Sparkler Mine. B) Red Dahlia Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler.
Sku: 805253154030

Honor And Respect

24 shot - This show stopper 500g cake creates an astounding aerial act! Super vivid bright tips!
Sku: 1003105

Master of our Enemies

172 Shot - Sprinkler effect of red green and purple tipped gold comets racing across the sky - Crackle finale.
Sku: 2043

Never Forget

185 Shot - 180 Shots of fanned crackling with peach lemon and sea blue dahlia ending with a 5 shot finale of multi-colored dahlia to brocade. Awesome neon colors!
Sku: 1940


180 shot – fast, staggered finale zipper cake! Sure to get the crowd on their feet at the end of your show!
Sku: 1015038


100 shot - Row1/2:red comet; row3:blue stars with silver fish, row4, 5: crackling comet; row6: silver whirlwind, row7/8: green comet; row9: blue stars with silver fish; row10,11: crackling comet; row12: brocade crown with red glitter.
Sku: 805253154480


312 Shot - Starts with 100 Zigzagged shots of white and blue then 100 shots of crackling to red green and blue 100 shots of gold strobes whistles and silver breaks a finale with 12 Shots of brocade to red white and blue.
Sku: 804

Tears for Fear

156 Shot. First 15 rows brocade blue, last row brocade with blue.
Sku: JAK-805253152710

Treasure Hunter

40 shot
Sku: JAK-1080525330186

United States

196 shot - 44 shots of S shape red palm tree and comet tail, blue comet tail, blue with silver fish, 44 shots of S shape green palm with come tail, purple come tail; 5 shots of red tail to titanium and gold palm tree; 44 shots of S shape brocade crown come tail
Sku: 10805253300436

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.