Fusing Fireworks

Over the years, I've put on dozens of fireworks displays. I started like most people, in my back yard, lighting one at a time. I've learned a lot, made a lot of mistakes, and probably had too many close calls to admit. I'm hoping that these videos will help some of you avoid those mistakes and stay safe and enjoy your fireworks.

I don't consider myself an expert, but probably not an amatuer either. I do have my display operators certificate (and I highly recommend everyone that lights fireworks to attend this class), but I don't do shows professionally.

This video series you are about to watch is for a show I do annually at our local golf course. It's a free event for the community to kick off the summer. It has several sets of cakes, artillery shells, racks, and just about every effect and style of display you can think of for consumer grade fireworks.

I broke this series into 4 main parts below:

  1. Consumer Fireworks Fuse Timing & Color Explained
  2. Fusing Consumer Fireworks Cakes
  3. Fusing Consumer Fireworks Artillery Shells
  4. 2023 Whispering Pines Fireworks on the Range Consumer Fireworks Setup & Show