500 Gram Repeaters


8 Shot - silver time rain with color peonies, the last two shots V shape 1.2inch tubes rising up together with time rain mine
Sku: 3994


8 Shot - crackling mine risingup to color peonies mixed together.the last two shots V shape 1.2inch tubes rising up together with peonies mine
Sku: 3995

Lock it Up

8 Shot - color peonies mixed together.the last two shots rising up together
Sku: 3992


8 Shot - silver time rain with color peonies, the last two shots rising up together
Sku: 3991


8 Shot - brocade with red/green/blue, the last two shots V shape 1.2inch tubes rising up together with brocade tail
Sku: 3993


8 Shot - brocade with red/green/blue, the last two shots rising up together
Sku: 3990

Breathing Fire

9 shot. Brocade crown, white glitter sparkler, silver chrys
Sku: 805253154060


12 shot - This 500 gram cake is loaded to the gill with performance. 2 shots of green tails to red stars with silver glitter, 4 shots of green tail to blue star with gold glitter and 6 shots of green tail to gold brocade. Packed 6/1, you better stock up......
Sku: 80525315142

Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue

9 shot - A)Red Dahlia Sparkler, Blue Dahlia Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. B) Brocade Crown, White Glitter Sparkler, Silver Chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253154050

Dark Horse

9 Shot - Brocade crown with strobes
Sku: 847294024639


14 shot .This cake starts with a gold palm tree tail and leads to blue and green star and glitter breaks. You will be singing to a different tune after you shoot this one off!
Sku: 80525315085

Future Warrior

Golden tail,red palm,green palm, purple palm, white glitter.
Sku: 805253154390


16 shot - Blue star white glittering mine, red tip white glittering willow, red/blue/purple dahlia chry, blue star mine to red blue chry crackling ball.
Sku: 805253151670

Rifle Range Ahead

9 shot - A)Red Palm, Red Glitter Sparkler. B) GreenPalm, Green Glitter Sparkler. C) Purple Palm, White Glitter Sparkler.
Sku: 805253154040


Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum; green crackling chrysanthemum; blue crackling chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153140

Armed Forces

Packaging: Your Choice (Sold Individually)
12 shot assorted.
Sku: 1003102

Come On

White glitter mine, red dahlia sparkler, white glitter sparkler; blue dahlia sparkler; golden palm to blue sparkler; white glitter mixed palm, sky blue dahlia sparkler.
Sku: 805253153090

Hit Man

9 Shot - Strobe tail to red and blue dahlia with white strobe, 3 shot finale.
Sku: 3810

Hot Blooded

12 shot
Sku: 80525315141

Loud & Proud

9 shot - A)Brocade Crown. B) Silver Chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153890

Old Ironsides

30 Shot - Alternating rows of silver tails to silver glitter green tails to green glitter and gold tails to brocade. Ends with a 5 shot finale of gold tails to brocade.
Sku: bp2452

Pig Skin

A)Red Palm, Green Palm, White Glitter Sparkler. B) Blue Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler, Brocade Crown. C)crackling.
Sku: 805253153900

Trigger Happy

9 shot - A)Red Sparkler, Lemon Sparkler. B) Grass Green Sparkler, Lemon Sparkler. C) Brocade Crown
Sku: 805253154020

Feel The Heat

12 shot - A)Skyblue Sparkler, Red Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. B) Purple Sparkler, Green Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. C) Red Sparkler, Lemon Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. D) Red Sparkler, Lemon Sparkler, Silver chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153910

Light Brigade

42 Shot - Multi-colored stars and glitters with flying fish spinners and crackles with a 6 shot finale.
Sku: bp2453


42 Shot - Long lasting beautiful colors with fish effects
Sku: bp2455

Beauty and the Beast

20 shot - Blue red mine to blue+red+green+white glitter;blue red mine to purple+green+sky blue+golden glitter;blue red mine to orange+purple+sky blue+green glitter; blue red mine to white glitter+red green fallen leaves+sliver spinner; blue red mine to brocade+green glitter, blue star+sliver fish+crackle.
Sku: 1003125


16 shot - brocades with red tips, green tips, and blue then silver chrysanthemum's with a quickened 4 shot finale it's a nice addition to any wholesale order, regardless of your existing product mix.
Sku: 80525315146

Captain Jake

21 shot - Chrysanthemum mine to brocade crown, red dahlia sparkler; green dahlia sparkler; purple dahlia sparkler; blue dajlia sparkler; lemon dahlia sparkler; orange dahlia sparkler; chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253153050

Reign Supreme

25 shot action packed cake with tons of glitter and colorful jellyfish!
Sku: 1030179

Sexy Rider

9 shot - 500 gram cake packs some punch and has one of the most vivid red effect that you will ever see. These 2 inch shots also include colored waves, glitters, and peonies.
Sku: 80525315073

Saturday Night Special

Six shots each of the following: (1) white, green and red comets. (2) white, green and red comet tail burst into white, green and red bouquets. (3) gold and silver flying fish. (4) silver spinners. (5) whistling tails with reports and (6) quickened final
Sku: bp2979

American Riders

53 shot. White glitter mine to red, skyblue, white glitter, white glitter mine to purple, lemon, skyblue, white glitter, triple stage scream, whtie glitter mine to brocade.
Sku: 805253154530

Blonde Joke

36 Shot - Alternating red crackling stars green and blue bouquets with crackling tails 12 shot finale.
Sku: bp2975

Chasing Booty

24 shot - Sky-blue mine to pigeon blood red and white glitter; brocade crown mine; brocade crown and green dahlia, red dahlia; brocade crown mine, brocade crown and green glitter; brocade crown mine, brocade with crackling.
Sku: 10805253300290

Chicken on a Chain

A 12 shot 500 gm cake. This cake features huge chrysanthemum single color breaks in distinct colors- Red, Yellow, Green and Silver. A great label and catchy name make this one of our more popular 500 gm cakes.
Sku: 80525315114

Fighting Rooster

30 shot - The cake begins with sequential shots of blue mines breaking to deep red dahlia's and finalizes with the 5 shot burst that knocks your socks off.
Sku: 80525315137

Gorilla Warfare

How do I describe the red? Rich, luscious, deep, perfect.....? Beats me, see for yourself and you tell me. This cake will soon take over a portion of the market in the country as one of the top-selling 500 gram cakes out there, no question. The factory has done everything right on this one, the timing, the lift, the breaks, and of course, the color. Don't miss out on this one, you'll be sorry you did. 30 shots of blue mines to red dahlia with white glitter....nuf said
Sku: 80525315147

Midnight Sunburn

This 12 shot 500 gram cake has an array of red, blue, purple, and green with a little glitter sprinkled in. This item is sure to give any pyro a sunburn at night.
Sku: 80525315081

One Bad Mother in Law

She's a mean one! This in law you will actually want to invite back time and again. This 16 shot 500 gram cake shoots over 32 different colors into the sky in a huge display of colored willows and hair curling crackles.
Sku: 80525315037

Ork Skull

25 shot - Red glitter mine rise up red gliter, green glitter mine rise up to green glitter, golden glitter mine rise up to golden glitter, white glitter mine rise up to white glitter, crackling mine rise up to silver chrysanthemum.
Sku: 805253154200


Per Package: 18/6
47 shot
Sku: JAK-1080525330181

Tongue Tied

9 shot - silver glitter gold willow to red mine, brocade crown to red silver glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to green mine, brocade crown to green red glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to blue mine, brocade crown to blue time rain pistil.
Sku: 1003163

Orange is the new black

25 Shot with huge breaks!
Sku: 17123

Southern Comfort

30 Shot - Multi-colored dahlia and multi-colored glittering pistil with a big finale.
Sku: bp2425


4 shots red mine up to red stars, 4 shots lemon star mine up to lemon stars, 4 shots orange star mine up to orange stars, 4 shots blue star mine up to blue star, 4 shots pink red mine up to brocade crown, 4 shots green stars mine up to green dahlia with crackling stars.
Sku: bp2450

America's Pastime

63 shot - Row1:red comet, row2:green comet, row3:yellow comet, row4:silver fish with blue stars mine, row5,7:crackling comet, row8:blue stars with jellyfish, row9, 11: silver whistling tail, row12:brocade crown with red glitter,red/green stars with white glitter,blue stars with red/green fallen leaves.
Sku: 805253154560

American Trucker

49 Shots of brocades and blue beads
Sku: 80525313225

Loyal to None

Another top selling 500 gm cake from World Class. Loyal To None contains the top 5 effects in fireworks. Thirty-Three shots traveling approximately 150-200 feet are represented by stars, crackle, fish, pearls and chrysanthemums. This cake has a huge 3 shot red chrysanthemum finale.
Sku: 80525313121

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.