New Fireworks for 2019

We carry all major brands of fireworks. We buy from China to pass the savings onto our customers! All of our fireworks are hand selected by our staff of professionals to ensure that you get the highest quality product for the best possible price.
Big Fireworks Black Diamond Boomer Brothers Dominator Megabanger World Class Black Cat

200 Gram Fountain


45 Seconds - Chrysanthemum with red and green pearls, golden srpring fountain, golden silk chrysanthemum with blue and lemon, purple spring fountain, silver crackling chrysanthemum with purple and blue.
Sku: 1030162

Go Girl Go

60 Seconds - Red, green, and yellow with white glittering: purple, blue and yellow pine needles; red, blue, and yellow pine needles; red and green pine needles.
Sku: 1011418

Mama Mia

45 second fountain with blue, read, purple, and green chrysanthemum and crackling affects.
Sku: 1011425


Per Package: 2
Packaging: 2 Pack
60 Seconds - Baby Frog and Frog Prince fountains
Sku: 1011469

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

45 Seconds - Fun colorful firework with bright fish, rain and crackle.
Sku: 1003296

Ying Yang

45 second fountain with amazing willow and fish effects
Sku: 1003300

200 Gram Repeaters

American Muscle

15 Shot - Color with gold green blue with brocade. Chry. with red green, color mine with whistling.
Sku: 1003107

Angry Beaver

14 Shot - Don't get mad; get the Angry Beaver! This dazzler woos audiences with red, green, orange and pink brocades that transition into glitter that sparkles through the sky. Crackles tip off the presentation and will leave each spectator anything besides angry!
Sku: 1013435

At it again

9 shot - Green, purple, blue, silver and gold aerial effects that light up the sky
Sku: 1013367


7 shot cake
Sku: 1013360

Dark Ghost

9 Shot - Brocade crown with strobes
Sku: 1013368


9 Shot - Brocades, palms, and lots of glitter
Sku: 1013369

In Honor Of

12 Shot - Blue, Green, Purple, Red and white breaks. Lots of glitter and peony. 26 seconds.
Sku: 1013389

Motor Mouth

96 Shot - Red, silver and green comet tails; green to red, red to blue, purple to yellow; red and green bees; red, blue & green bouquet with loud whistles, red, silver and green comet tails with report; green to red, red to blue & purple to yellow with report.
Sku: 1013246

Pack a Punch

10 Shot - Long lasting with lots of color and crackle.
Sku: 1003367

Poker Face

9 Shot - Mini finale with bright glitter mines, palm & glitter effects, and crackling star!
Sku: 1003363

Tequila Party

25 Shot - Bright green and red color with lots of crackle.
Sku: 1003366

The Guardian

6 Shot silver fish with crackling mine fountain.
Sku: 1013436


10 shot - red and white with glitter.
Sku: 1013383

500 Gram Fountain

One Bad Granny

Colorful fish, silver &gold willow, loud crackle finale!
Sku: 1003311


50 Second fountain: Red fountain, red fish; red sparkler, green sparkler; yellow sparkler; glitter chrysanthemum; red glitter sparkler, golden chrysanthemum; crackle butterfly.
Sku: 1012055

500 Gram Repeaters

American Born

25 Shot - Bright colors 5 breaks wide with mega glitter!
Sku: 1003345

Bad Reputation

20 shot - Amazing palm comets out of each break. Truly a memorable performance.
Sku: 1003349

Bite Your Tushy

24 shot - Twenty-four shots of awesomeness erupt in red, green, silver, yellow, blue and pink explosions as they whistle into the sky
Sku: 1013432

Dirty Little Secret

24 Shot - Big whirly tails, brilliant colors!
Sku: 1003307


24 Shot with whistlers and tons of affects. Great finale cake!
Sku: 1003309


30 Shot - Spinners with red falling leaves, golden tail with red green blue chry, whistle with green leaves, crackling silver fish, golden tail with red green blue brocade.
Sku: 1003106

Honor & Glory

13 Shot - Tons of color and lots of different effects!
Sku: 1003304

Inferno Punch

16 Shot - color stars dahlia with white glitter mine:1,cyanine blue, deep red lemon stars with white glitter;cyanine blue, deep red jade green lemon stars with white glitter;cyanine blue, jade green deep red lemon stars with white glitter
Sku: 1003112


9 shot - Lots of glitter and very colerful.
Sku: 1003201

One Badd Axe

25 Shot - First 4 rows red dahlia with white glitter, last row red, green, yellow, blue, purple with white glitter.
Sku: 1015259

Polar Attack

20 Shot - Silver spinner tail up to chicken blood red and lemon stars; silver spinner tail up to purple and green stars; silver spinner tail up to red green blue stars; silver spinner tail up to pale purple yellow and sea blue; silver spinner tail up to orange and purple green stars.
Sku: 1003113

True Art

27 Shot - Long lasting cake with tones of color, brocade crowns and glitter.
Sku: 1003033

USA Pride

25 Shot - Big red, white, and blue performance that is 5 breaks wide across the sky. Must have for the Fourth of July.
Sku: 1003308

Wise Guys

16 Shot cake , read white and blue colors. 4 shot finale! Long cake!
Sku: 1003372

500 Gram Z Repeaters

Fire & Fury

34 Shot - Awesome gold mines with blue stars. Brocades and glitter willows.
Sku: 1003305


45 shot cake with amazing crossettes and red, green and gold color!
Sku: 1003370

Sharp Shooter

19 Shot - Green tiger comet with red blue mines; lemon+sliver wave mines to purple+sky blue+lemon+golden glitter; lemon+silver wave mines to purple+lemon+sky blue+white glitter; brocade mine to brocade +red+red glitter+green+green glitter.
Sku: 1003126

Smokin Hot

30 shot - Opens up with a mixture of gold palms, one row with white glitter, one row with green glitter, and the third row of palms with blue stars. It then transitions nicely into brocades with red and blue stars and shoots a 5 shot finale with crackle.
Sku: 1015149


35 Shot - Mine Zipper Cake. Amazing glitter colors!!!
Sku: 1003362

Artillery Shell

Festival Balls

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 assorted shells
This Festival Ball artillery shell is the biggest and best 1.5 shells you will ever see. The color break patterns are awesome for its price.
Sku: 1001412

Finale Cakes - 3"


This 3 inch cake is always a crowd favorite that has entertained people from coast to coast. Performance consists of 9 shots of brocade crowns that finish with various colored tips, including; green, yellow, red, and blue. A massive 2 shot finale lets the spectators know the show is over. Migraine is one of the best selling products in our 3"" 500 gram cake line and is sure to be a favorite among your customers.
Sku: 1015125


Blazing Farm Animals

Per Package: 2
Packaging: 2 Pack
Great novelty item that will surprise you!
Sku: 1003406

Bug Zapper

Per Package: 6
Packaging: 6 pack
Fun novelty with silver glitter and crackle
Sku: 1003321

Chicken Blowing Balloon

This item is genuinely unique to the World-Class line. A great addition to your novelty line that has never been seen before. This chick whistles, snaps, crackles and pops, out an egg that is. Balloon stays inflated far past the performance effect of the chicken. Kid tested, mother approved.
Sku: 1016059

LED Rings

6 Assorted colors of LED flashing rings
Sku: 18301

Laser Show

Packaging: 6 pack
Great novelty item with bright silver glitter
Sku: 1003322

Night Saber

Hand held fountain with silver red and green performance.
Sku: 1003325

Roman Candles

Rapid Fire

100 Shot Roman Candles
Sku: 1030100



Per Package: 14
Packaging: 14 pack
14 rockets, each with a unique effect
Sku: 1003122

All prices and availability subject to change without notice.